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February 2019

  • Money

    How to set and keep financial goals – Part 2

    So you wrote your goals…now what? (If you haven’t taken the first step of brainstorming and writing your financial goals, start with How To Set and Keep Financial Goals – Part 1). People set goals all the time that quickly get discarded and forgotten. Why do you think gym memberships…

  • Financial Goal-Setting

    How to set and keep financial goals – Part 1

    When I first met with a financial planner a few years ago, I was clueless about what I wanted to do with my money (read Why You Need Financial Goals for the whole story behind why I changed my mind). I’m a teacher, so the idea of goal setting comes…

  • Money

    Why you need financial goals

    I was 27 when I finished my first year of working at an international school in Switzerland. Living abroad wasn’t my “forever plan” and I had no idea how long I would stay. But I had always thrived on the unknown and I liked not knowing where I’d be or…