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    5 easy things you can do RIGHT NOW to start saving more money!

    Saving money isn’t always easy. It can often feel like you have to give up things that you like, it takes time and energy to set a budget and stick to it, and many people just aren’t interested in learning about different ways of saving. Luckily, there are some very…

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    How to save money on pets

    I grew up having animals in the house. Over the years we had a cat, ferrets, iguanas, guinea pigs, hamsters, fish, and frogs. I always knew that when I was older I wanted to have my own. While living in Switzerland, I was finally ready to adopt. Ironically, it was…

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    How to set and keep financial goals – Part 2

    So you wrote your goals…now what? (If you haven’t taken the first step of brainstorming and writing your financial goals, start with How To Set and Keep Financial Goals – Part 1). People set goals all the time that quickly get discarded and forgotten. Why do you think gym memberships…

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    Need to get your spending under control? Start here.

    When I got my first full-time job as a teacher, my modest salary felt like a fortune. I was on my own for the first time and I felt like I could do anything I wanted and buy anything I wanted. So I did. I managed to put a little…

  • Food

    Meal Planning: How to get started

    I LOVE cooking. I love watching cooking shows, reading cooking blogs, and trying new recipes. Since moving in with the man, I have also learned a lot about gluten free cooking and baking. I find it really fun! But I’ll be honest. On an average weekday, when we’re getting home…